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Spinifex Pearl Ring

from $2,795.00

This amazing dune stabilising classic, the Spinifex Ring features a 11mm Round A2+ grade very lightly blemished Australian South Sea Cygnet Bay (WA) pearl with 18 x H/SI accented diamonds (TDW 0.09ct) set in gold. Our Spinifex ring is named after the spinifex plant, a genus of perennial coastal plants. They are one of the most common plants that grow in sand dunes along the coast. They help stabilise the sand and are an important part of the entire sand dune ecosystem.

Our guarantee is simple: every pearl we sell comes from our farms at either Cygnet Bay (WA) or Broken Bay (NSW). The pearls in this ring are best referred to as an Australian South Sea Pearl, but also colloquially called a Broome Pearl, the precious gift of a Cygnet Bay Pearl captures the spirit of the pristine Kimberley; unspoilt, wild and free, bringing with it genuine beauty and authenticity. You will receive a certificate stating your pearl’s origin, and grade, along with information about your pearl’s setting.

Our collection of classic pearl jewellery is a modern take on timeless, staple pieces suitable for all ages and styles. From simple pearl studs to accent your everyday work outfits, to the perfect day-to-night essential pendant, ring, or strand you’ll never want to take off, we have you covered with the understated beauty of Australian South Sea or Akoya pearls. Behind the timeless elegance of the Classic collection, is the knowledge that your pearl jewellery has guaranteed origin from the Pearls of Australia farms at Cygnet Bay (WA) and Broken Bay (NSW) and is amongst the highest quality pearls in the world – the perfect heirloom.

To discuss the enticing options available please feel free to contact our Pearl Consultants on 08 6478 6886 or via email [email protected]. Learn more about finding your ring size.

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Ring size adjustment is available for an additional charge. Please leave ring size request in comments on checkout or book a consultation with our experts for a quotation.

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