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Our Pearls

We sustainably grow the purest of pearls, nurtured deep within our farms.

Provenance & Quality


Introducing Pearls of Australia ~ a collection of the rarest and finest quality saltwater pearls grown anywhere in the world. The culmination of an epic 75 year pearl farming legacy, Pearls of Australia now aims to transform the pearling industry by way of a deep-seated dedication to provenance, quality and sustainability.

Our world class collection boasts a rare combination of both South Sea pearls grown within the pristine and remote waters of our Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm (Kimberley Coast, WA) and Akoya pearls, grown within the stunning estuaries of our Broken Bay Pearl Farm (Central Coast, NSW). Pairing our Australian grown, pristine pearls, straight from our farms, together with elegantly crafted jewellery designs, we create pieces that become treasured for generations.

Meet Steve, one of our resident Akoya pearl farmers at our Broken Bay Pearl Farm

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Provenance & Quality


Dive deep into the South Sea pearls of the Kimberley Coast

Our locally and sustainably grown Pinctada maxima (South Sea) pearls are amongst the finest quality pearls grown anywhere in the world.

Carefully cultured by our dedicated team of highly skilled pearl farmers over many years, our world class South Sea pearls each take an average of four years to grow, making them approximately 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Not only are our pearls rare, pure and completely stunning to look at, they also happen to be one of the few precious gems on the planet that contain regenerative and restorative qualities for our oceanic environment.

This means when you purchase a pearl, you’re not only purchasing one of the rarest and most beautiful gifts of mother nature, you’re also helping to facilitate the restoration of our pristine Australian waterways.

Dive deep into the Akoya pearls of the Central Coast

It is a lesser known fact that Australia is home to the sub-tropical species of pearl shell known as Pinctada fucata (Akoya).

Sustainably grown in the stunning lower Hawkesbury waterways (at the gateway to the Pacific ocean) by our team of pearl farmers, the highly lustrous, round in shape and uniquely coloured Akoya pearls are the perfect collaborator for our jewellery collections.

As with all Australian pearls farmed in unique aquatic environments, each Akoya pearl also takes years to reach maturity, and when harvested are just as stunningly beautiful and enticingly rare.

Provenance & Quality


It can take decades to match the perfect strand.

It takes thousands of pearl oysters and many years to produce just a handful of fine quality pearls. The chance to match beautiful pearls and assemble perfectly balanced strands, is something our artisans of the ocean constantly aspire towards.