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Kimberley Lily

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This popular jewellery collection draws its inspiration from the stunning natural lily varieties of the Kimberley region of Northwest Australia, where even today, new species are being identified. Throughout this rugged and remote area over 3,500 varieties have been recorded, leading it to be regarded as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots for this beautiful flower.

Inspired by the discovery of a completely new species of lily in the Kimberley (Peony Flora) in 2015, the collection imagines a single monsoonal droplet falling onto the leaf of a lily pad which captures and cradles the bead of water. With its mysterious reflective qualities, could the pearl from heaven appear to the poetic eye as a tear from Venus herself?

Every Kimberley Lily is set with a unique seedless (‘keshi’) pearl direct from the pristine waters at Cygnet Bay. These pearls are hand-selected and cupped preciously in the gold of Kimberley Lily, paying respect to a fragile and beautiful force of nature.