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The Tides collection draws its inspiration from the World’s largest tropical tides, found on Cygnet Bay’s doorstep. This unique marine environment, both harsh and beautiful lends to the creation of the most beautiful pearls. The Pinctada maxima oyster naturally found in the coastal waters of the Kimberley, North-West Australia thrives on these tidal movements. The Tides collection has been exclusively designed for Cygnet Bay Pearls. showcasing the power of these tides, giant whirlpools and standing tidal waves, recently described by scientists as the fastest ocean currents in the World. These giant tides run through the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago off the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, where Cygnet Bay Pearls are grown. Isolated, rugged and exhilarating. Each and every Tides piece is set with a lustrous pearl direct from the pristine waters at Cygnet Bay. These pearls are hand-selected and set, caressed by the Tides that hold them.