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Petite Shell Ring

from $260.00

The stunning Petite Shell Ring features our Australian South Sea Cygnet Bay Mother of Pearl shell set in Sterling Silver.

Renowned worldwide for its iridescence and imperial beauty for centuries, the shell of the Pinctada maxima oyster continues to produce some of the most beautiful and sought-after Mother of Pearl. With the striking lustre of mother of pearl at the forefront of each piece, our values of origin, provenance and sustainability lie at the heart of this collection. Timeless and minimal by design, this series features exquisite pieces of Mother of Pearl set in silver and crafted with the utmost care.

As pearl farmers, sustainability lies at the core of our everyday life. Utilising every part of the pearl shell is one step in this direction, and our collection of Australian Mother of Pearl jewellery is a true reflection of our commitment to our planet.

Our Petite Shell Ring is available in four sizes: M, O, Q, and T. The Mother of Pearl shell design measures at approximately 11mm wide, and 9mm long. You will receive a certificate stating your pearl’s origin, and grade, along with information about your pearl’s setting.

Your Pearls of Australia pearl is not only a pearl from an environmentally sound and sustainable process but also represents a piece of Australia’s pearling heritage.

To discuss the options available please feel free to contact our Pearl Consultants on 08 6478 6886 or via email [email protected]. Learn more about finding your ring size.

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H 4 46.8mm 14.88mm
I 4.5 48mm 15.29mm
J 5 48.7mm 15.49mm
K 5.5 50mm 15.90mm
L 6 51.2mm 16.31mm
M 6.5 52.5mm 16.71mm
N 7 53.8mm 17.12mm
O 7.5 55.1mm 17.53mm
P 8 56.3mm 17.93mm
Q 8.5 57.6mm 18.34mm
R 9 58.9mm 18.75mm
S 9.5 60.2mm 19.15mm
T 10 61.4mm 19.56mm
U 10.5 62.7mm 19.96mm
V 11 64mm 20.37mm