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Neoprene Round Seagrass Bracelet


Our Seagrass Neoprene bracelets are a casual everyday piece for both male and female featuring a Sterling Silver Seagrass motif.

To find out your bracelet size, read here.

Seagrass grows side by side with our pearling substrates and in conjunction with our pearl oysters. Every day we learn more about how both contribute significantly to the ‘blue economy’ and the future preservation of our pristine waterways. Our Akoya pearl shell from Broken Bay north of Sydney grows right in amongst abundant seagrass meadows. We proudly use the seagrass motif to underline our commitment to the preservation and care of the oceans in which we live and work.

Our Seagrass Range symbolises the significance of the pristine marine environments in which our pearls grow. This design captivates the fluid movement of sea beds amongst the ever changing tides to create our exquisite Akoya pearls. We are forever in awe of our impressive, fragile ecosystem and aim to honor it’s intricacy with this collection.

To discuss the options available please feel free to contact our Pearl Consultants on 08 6478 6886 or via email [email protected]. Learn more about finding your neoprene bracelet size.

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