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MAJOR UPGRADE and YEAR-ROUND operation for Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm tourism facilities

Public Release Date: August 5 2022

  • 15 new luxurious safari tents.
  • New nature-based campground for camping, camper trailers and vans.
  • Major restaurant kitchen upgrade.
  • New biological wastewater treatment facility.
  • Collaboration with award-winning Sunday Island Cultural Tour.
  • New Exclusive Pearl Farm Harvesting Experience.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm and the Brown family are pleased to announce the completion of the latest stage of major improvements to their pearl farm tourism facilities north of Broome. In a first for the region, this upgrade allows Cygnet Bay to open year-round for accommodation, tours, food and beverage for visitors to enjoy.

The Dampier Peninsula is rapidly emerging as a jewel in the West Kimberley crown. Following the sealing of the main road, Cygnet Bay’s new infrastructure has increased its accommodation capacity by approx. 160%. Whether camping or glamping, a day tripper or a short-stay guest, visitors now have the opportunity to dive deeper into the many treasures the region has to offer, as access to this remote and extraordinary part of the world continues to open and grow.

New Safari Tents

Cygnet Bay has come a long way since the bark huts and cement sandbag walls of 70 years ago. Adding to the existing safari tents, heritage-listed lugger crew huts, and a handful of campsites at the Divers Creek area, 15 new glamping tents with ensuites and air-conditioning have opened in an entirely new area nestled in a valley of beautiful bushland valley. Known as the Pearler’s Village, this new area is a convenient short stroll to the heart of the pearl farm, where you will find the original humble homestead previously renovated to include the restaurant, bar, swimming pool, pearl gallery, playground, and reception.

These deluxe eco tents bring a new level of luxury to the pearl farm, offering air-conditioned comfort for those warm Kimberley nights enabling the facility to be open year-round.

As guests awake to the magical morning birdsong of the wooded valley from a comfortable king-size bed, the spacious tents offer plenty of room with their own deck to enjoy the lush surrounds. 

According to CEO James Brown, “This new addition to the Cygnet Bay pearl farm has been truly built by the local community. I am extremely proud that the multi-million-dollar investment all stayed in the hands of local people, and I am thankful for all their efforts in what may appear a simple development, but what doesn’t meet the eye is incredibly technically challenging.”

Built for minimal impact on our environment, only local trades and products were used, including major electrical and plumbing works by Indigenous-owned and operated Broome companies. We thank and highly recommend Broome Electrical Services and Nudj Plumbing.

Furniture items were custom made in Broome by Aguyna, a social not-for-profit organisation. 

The design layout of the tents was inspired by resident carved pearl shell ‘Riji’ artist and local Elder Bruce Wiggan, whose unique artwork will soon adorn the walls. All the plants and mature trees were supplied by local Broome nursery Pearl Coast Palms and will be supplemented by the Bardi Ranger nursery

Two wheelchair-accessible tents are available and unlike the Divers Creek area, 2WD is all you need to get to this new accommodation.

New nature-based campground for camping and vans

Also located near the Pearler’s Village is an additional nature-based campground for trailers, caravans and tents, which recently opened to a long list of campers eagerly awaiting their chance to take up the shade and shelter of the bushland of the area. 

Cygnet Bay are proud to offer extended opportunities for this style of camping on the Dampier Peninsula, allowing guests to visit the farm, join tours and explore the area in a 4WD or even a 2WD.

“Cygnet Bay’s new accommodation and upgrades enable unprecedented access to the Dampier Peninsula. This is significant as we can now showcase the powerful Kimberley coast all year round. Packages of affordable flights, accommodation, and tours such as the incredible Giant Tides, Waterfall Reef and pearling operations will now be available in the shoulder and low seasons for visitors to experience in complete comfort” said Natasha Maher, CEO of Australia’s North West Tourism.

Additional infrastructure

To support the increase in accommodation and access to this special part of the world, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm has undertaken a huge renovation to their restaurant kitchen facilities, ensuring higher quality and best practice food and beverage service in this remote region – no easy feat in the face of staffing restrictions and freight logistics being faced nationwide.

The Brown family have a long-term commitment to sustainable practices in all areas of the business, with a state-of-the-art biological wastewater treatment facility being included in this recent upgrade to facilities. Another first for the area and whilst technically challenging, the system delivers high-quality water which can be used for subsoil reticulation of trees. 

Part of the installation included professional development and certification of the Broome Nudj Plumbing team who will now regularly check and maintain the facility, in collaboration with the permanent on-site Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm engineering team. 

“Power and water are a challenge in any environment let alone an area as remote as this, but we all have to commit to a future with better environmental outcomes, and this is just one of the big steps forward that we are taking,” said James.

New Cultural and Pearling Experiences 

Guests to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm are now lucky enough to experience a half-day adventure to Sunday Island in the Buccaneer Archipelago with Traditional Owner, Rosanna Angus. This award-winning tour is a wonderful addition to the array of cultural experiences operated by local business owners, and with whom Cygnet Bay proudly collaborates. 

For more information and bookings go to Oolin Sunday Island Cultural Tours

There are only a few months of the year when pearls are harvested – and that happens to be right now! Experienced pearl technician Mike Rowney has kindly offered guests the incredibly rare chance to watch over his shoulder as he explains the coveted technique of pearl seeding and the unforgettable sight of seeing a pearl harvested in real-time. 

Limited time of offering, with space only for 6 guests at a time – don’t miss out! Exclusive Pearl Harvest Experience

new glamping tents at cygnet bay pearl farm