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Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Adopts Cutting-Edge Solar Power System for Sustainable Energy Independence


Public Release Date: September 5, 2023

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, renowned for its commitment to sustainability, proudly introduces an innovative solar power system, enhancing environmental responsibility and operational efficiency, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.


  • Environmental Stewardship: Approx. 75% renewable energy contribution, reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated 528 tons in the first year.
  • Guest Experience: Enhanced amenity with reduced noise and larger power generation capacity to ensuring a consistent, grid-quality energy supply.
  • Cutting-Edge System: Integration of solar modules (250kW), advanced inverters, a backup diesel generator, and a high-capacity battery (500kWh) for uninterrupted energy supply.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Anticipated annual savings of over $100,000 and at least 80,000 litres of fuel reduced per year, minimising exposure to diesel price volatility and streamlining logistical operations.
  • Autonomous Operations: Self-sufficient system operation minimises intervention, with routine maintenance carried out by trained staff.
  • Modular design allows for the system to grow with additional solar or additional battery storage.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Managing Director, James Brown, expressed excitement about this momentous milestone: “the new solar power system epitomises our commitment to environmental sustainability and a major step towards our net zero goals, whilst still delivering state of the art power systems to our farm infrastructure, guests and staff.”

Read on for the full story of Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm’s dedication to sustainability and innovation.

  • Environmental Responsibility: With a renewable energy contribution of approximately 75%, the farm is set to reduce its carbon emissions by an estimated 528 tons of CO2 in the inaugural year. Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm’s move toward hybrid and renewable energy sources underscores its dedication to sustainable practices.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: The solar power system not only aligns with the farm’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also enhances the guest experience. Reduced noise levels allow the bird songs to dominate the pearl farm village. The state of art power system ensures visitors enjoy a seamless and consistent energy supply, like traditional grid quality.
  • Cutting-Edge Hybrid System: The innovative hybrid power system integrates solar modules (250kW), 6 advanced inverters with the main inverter capable of generating 250kW, a diesel generator, and 500kWh battery storage system. This synergistic combination guarantees uninterrupted energy supply by harnessing solar energy during the day and utilising stored energy for nighttime operation.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm anticipates substantial annual savings, projected at least $100,000, accompanied by an impressive reduction in fuel consumption by at least 80,000 litres each year. This transition mitigates the farm’s exposure to diesel price fluctuations and streamlines logistical operations.
  • Autonomous Operations: The solar power system operates autonomously under normal conditions, minimising the need for operator intervention. Routine inspections and maintenance will be carried out by trained staff, ensuring optimal system performance.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm’s collaboration with Midwest Solar ensures long-term excellence through a biannual maintenance program. This program, coupled with Midwest Solar’s expertise, guarantees that the hybrid system will operate as designed, providing reliable and sustainable energy for years to come.


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