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Broome-based Moontide Distillery and Cygnet Bay Pearls come together to release the first gin in the world to use pearl oyster as a botanical.

This June, two of Western Australia’s most isolated local producers, Moontide Distillery and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, have joined forces to release The Pearler’s Gin; the first gin in the world to use pearl oyster as a botanical.

The Pearler’s Gin, distilled with juniper berries, Burdekin plum, lemon myrtle, mint and oyster mantle, is a dry Australian gin balanced by citrus flavours. The name – which symbolises the aligning of values between Moontide Distillery and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm – pays homage to the region’s rich history within the pearling industry, and represents those who played a role in the magic and romance of the Broome pearl oyster.

Moontide’s current collection of handcrafted gins and spirits, which utilise the Kimberley’s tropical monsoonal water, incorporate native botanicals that have historical and cultural relevance to the area to capture the spirit of Broome in every bottle.

Andrew Davidson, owner of Moontide Distillery, says “The Pearler’s Gin is unlike any other gin in the world, while using oyster shell in gin production is common, pearl oyster has never been used as a botanical in gin across the globe before. The mantle used comes as a by-product from the cultured pearling process, which is harvested at the same time as the pearl meat and mother of pearl shell, once the final pearl has been collected from the oyster. This new method ensures all parts of the pearl oyster are put to good use, and is one of the many reasons why pearls are considered one of the most sustainable gems in the world.”

Davidson, who also distills the gin at Moontide added “The pearl oyster provided by Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm gives the gin a unique minerality and umami taste, making it ideal to be enjoyed with fresh seafood or simply in a gin and tonic with Indian Tonic Water and a wedge of lemon.”

Moontide Distillery was founded in July 2020 after Davidson and his wife fell in love with the region and its rich abundance of life and history, which Davidson hopes to protect for future generations. When sourcing the botanicals, Davidson works alongside indigenous owned organisation Mayi Harvest, who follow traditional methods of wild harvesting throughout the six seasons found in the Kimberley of Western Australia. Their methods ensure a sustainable future for the community and local businesses; an ethos that Davidson carries on at Moontide Distillery.

The Pearler’s Gin ($79) will be available online from Saturday 11 June via Moontide Distillery and at select bottle shops across Australia.

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