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Cygnet Bay Tours

“A truly faultless and wonderful experience”
“Great restaurant and service. Do the tour, well worth it. Highly recommended”

Pearling Experiences

This land-based tour gives visitors an insight into the fascinating history of pearling in Cygnet Bay and how we cultivate some of the most sought-after and beautiful pearls in the world. Our knowledgeable tour guides will demonstrate a pearl harvest giving a glimpse into a fully operational pearl farm. Our tour concludes with an in-depth pearl appreciation session that will leave you feeling like a pearl expert.

Sea Safaris

These exhilarating boat rides take you through the untouched wilderness of the Kimberley Coast and the beginnings of the thousand islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago. The tours differ depending on the tide so be sure to check our availability calendar to see what tours are running and when!

Shell Island

One of our favourite spots, accessible only on certain tides by boat. This tiny island covered in shells will take your breath away. Forever changing with the tides, it’s the perfect location for a dip, fish, explore and more!

Borrgoron Cultural Tours

The Bardi (land) and Jawi (island) people of the Dampier Peninsula retain a particularly special relationship with their land and sea that encompasses in-depth knowledge of bush food, medicine and traditional hunting and fishing practices. Join Terry Hunter on the tours he operates from Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.

Coast to Creek

Discover Cygnet Bay with Terry Hunter, a 4th generation pearler and proud Bardi man. Share in his story as you explore the tidal flats, forage for oysters and learn some of his traditional coastal hunting techniques.


Culture & History

During this personalised experience with Terry Hunter, take in the beautiful views of Cygnet Bay and ask all things you are curious about. This is a real-life Q&A with Terry who will dive deep into the stories that shaped the pearling industry and how he and his family fit into this industry and the area.



Hire a Dinghy

For fishing adventures or a scenic trip around the stunning bays of Cygnet Bay, why not hire your boat at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm? Skippers must present a current Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Hire boat specifications:
– 4.2 metre
– 30hp 4 stroke tiller steer outboard engine
– 4 person max