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Who We Are

Cygnet Bay Pearls and Broken Bay Pearls are pleased to announce Pearls of Australia, a joint venture that represents two species of premium quality pearls with a guarantee of provenance and purity, as well as immersive industry experiences such as farm tourism offerings and industry experiences.

From New South Wales’ stunning Central Coast to the remote Kimberley, Pearls of Australia will represent a vast range of products and experiences centred around the Australian South Sea Pearl of Cygnet Bay north of Broome, and the Australian Akoya Pearl of Broken Bay north of Sydney.

Pearls are typically graded by five virtues of shape, size, colour, lustre and skin, however, Pearls of Australia offers an additional two virtues that distinguishes it from others on the international market. World class pearls, rich in lustre and colour, and sustainably forged in pristine marine environments, the seven virtues of Pearls of Australia include provenance and purity.

As the original Australian owned and operated pearl farm with a history spanning more than 70 years, Cygnet Bay Pearls has developed a unique insight into how the pearl market has developed and evolved over the decades.

Why Pearls of Australia?

Pearls of Australia was inspired by market research conducted by Cygnet Bay that confirmed authenticity is the most important trait for high quality jewellery consumers, however, the global wholesale pearl market currently does not have the tools to carry source of origin information through the supply chain.

With this in mind, Pearls of Australia has committed to further research with various universities which will ultimately enable industry to value a pearl based on the guarantee of source of origin, species and treatment.

Pearls of Australia Director and third-generation pearl farmer of Cygnet Bay Pearls, James Brown, explains how chain of custody within the global industry has compromised the true value of high-quality Australian product, which is sustainably farmed and doesn’t require post-harvest treatment, which is why they are still the highest quality pearls in the world.

“Pearl farmers generally sell into international wholesale markets which leads to the pearls passing through many different hands on their way to the consumer, so in today’s global market it is virtually impossible to prove where any particular pearl has come from,” said James referring to chain of custody issues within the industry.

Whether it be wine, food or even other gems such as diamonds, modern day consumers demand to know where a product is from as well as post-farm processing and Pearls of Australia aims to inspire the pearling industry to catch up with this trend.

“This is why Pearls of Australia is able to add two more virtues, provenance and purity to our product by selling direct from our farms, creating a new level of pearl authenticity and offering a genuine point of difference – while there is this void of product knowledge in the market it will continue to result in consumers being sold something that lacks the genuine product authenticity they desire,” said James.

Pearls of Australia will sell wholesale Australian Akoya and Australian South Sea pearls, as well as set jewellery direct from its farms, together with educational tools and experiences that can be used by the buyer to elevate the value proposition of this product over others.

Pearl Farm Tours

Additional to its pearls and pearl jewellery, Pearls of Australia offers access to education-based tourism products at pearl farms on both sides of the country which provide invaluable hands on, farm and pearl experiences that promote the products and the pristine natural environments vital to their production.

These immersive experiences incorporate a range of farm activities both land-based and on water, pearl seeding and harvesting, and grading classes where guests can discover first-hand all aspects of the pearl farming processes in the unique marine environment of two native species of Australian pearl shell. This special knowledge and inspiring story is shared with guests within the context of the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s pearling industry which dates back 20,000 years when the traditional owners of the Kimberley coast used the Pinctada maxima shell (mother of the Australian South Sea Pearl) as a valuable tool of trade.

“To wear Pearls of Australia, is to wear the world’s purest pearl, and to appreciate a jewel of great value due to its quality, rarity and a guarantee of provenance and authenticity,” said James.

Pearls of Australia invites the world to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Australian pearl.